Infrastructure as Code Second edition

Kief Morris

Equipping technologists with knowledge needed to manage dynamic infrastructure.

When Kief Morris wrote the first edition of Infrastructure as Code, the ideas were relatively new. Since then, the tooling, practices and patterns have all matured. This updated version gives you a practical guide to effectively manage dynamic cloud infrastructure.

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[Podcast] Exploring infrastructure as code

Rebecca Parsons and Neal Ford catches up with Kief Morris to hear about the release of his updated book on infrastructure as code. They explore how tools, practices and patterns from software engineering can be applied to managing infrastructure — and how IaC has evolved in the years since Kief wrote the first volume.

Infrastructure as product

Infrastructure as product

Commoditizing the cloud through platform engineering

On premise, infrastructure isn't the problem — our approach to infrastructure management is. Discover how to implement a robust engineering approach that supports the ever-changing world of software infrastructure from this e-book authored by Max Griffiths, Principal Infrastructure Consultant, Thoughtworks UK.

Webinar replay

Watch Kief in discussion with Thao Dang, Principal Consultant, TW Singapore — talking about the nuances of the book.

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One of the most helpful and hands-on books I’ve read in a long time: it gives a great introduction into all aspects of Infrastructure as Code and the more detailed elements too — a view of the key patterns, antipatterns and trends, from architecture to code organisation to pipeline setup to environment and testing.
Thao Dang

Principal Consultant, Thoughtworks Singapore

Our Infrastructure WebConf allows technologists interested in DevOps to listen and to ask questions to our speakers and Infrastructure specialists at Thoughtworks. With this event series, we aim to create an open conversation on the state of Infrastructure.

Join us for a webinar on how organisations can get the most out of Infrastructure as Code with Thoughtworkers Kief Morris, Global Lead for Infrastructure Engineering and international author, and Inny So, Lead Infrastructure Consultant.

Kief Morris

Global Lead for Infrastructure Engineering

Kief Morris is the Global Lead for Infrastructure Engineering at Thoughtworks. He drives conversations about improving how cloud and infrastructure technology can be used to help teams deliver value more quickly and reliably. Originally from Tennessee, Kief is based in the Thoughtworks London office.

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