Tailored project management for rapid online growth

Manheim is the leading global provider of wholesale vehicle remarketing services. They help automobile dealers and commercial customers achieve sales by providing physical and digital auction channels, data analysis, financing, transportation and mobile products and solutions. 

Manheim registers nearly 8 million used vehicles annually, facilitating transactions of more than $50 billion in value. Building on the success of its digital growth and web applications, Manheim plans to significantly grow revenue in this area over the next few years.

With the company’s rapid digital growth, there was greater need to track multiple programs and teams as well as encourage collaboration. Manheim required a high-level view of the health of their teams and programs to see how the organization was tracking progress against multi-team projects.

We wanted a project management tool that supported our unique agile development processes, while allowing the rest of the business to track the progress of multiple initiatives simultaneously.” 

Ali Dalloul, Director of Engineering

They chose Mingle. Fast-forward seven years to today, and Manheim has more than 400 users across 11 development and supporting teams using Mingle to manage both development and non-development project work. 

Mingle’s dashboards, reports, and card wall in particular, help keep multiple teams and stakeholders on the same page.  As Mingle is the team’s collaborative space, all project data - stories, features, quality analysis work, defect tracking - is in Mingle. 

Mingle makes it possible for the business to easily track progress on projects. We can create custom views for the business that offers them quick visibility without rummaging through complex tools.” 

Chad Sexton, Senior Manager

As Mingle has been exclusively used to track all projects, it doubles as an exhaustive knowledge base. They use Mingle as a repository of knowledge - a source that has become critical to on-boarding new employees.

Manheim is preparing its technology teams to consistently deliver solutions that empower its customers to transact rapidly and reliably in a highly competitive marketplace. With Mingle, the company can grow confidently and is on track to meet its goal to significantly grow its online revenue, knowing that the tool will meet its demands.