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Kaplen started small, like most startups, by providing automatic credit card true-up and related financial services to local merchants. Their service allowed businesses to reduce revenue loss due to bank, credit card or service errors. Two years later, they set their sights on the biggest market in Brazil: São Paulo.

In order to achieve this goal, they determined their growth plan for the next two years. CTO, Diego Lima, saw an opportunity to change the game. Their current mission is to increase their processing capability from one million transactions to 50 million - in just 18 months.

Needing to scale so quickly, Kaplen looked to Thoughtworks to help them identify risks and define the right approach. They held an intense three-day inception with all three founders revisiting business goals, blockers, plans and products.

Thoughtworks helped us prioritise and plan so we can streamline our goals and focus on efficiently tackling them one at time
— Leonardo Pinho, Kaplen CEO

The planning approach forged a strong level of trust - as well as uncovering the root cause of constraint to their growth. By the third day, the Kaplen team were leading the sessions and building upon Thoughtworks’ recommendations.

At the end of it, they had a clearer vision of what was ahead and the needs and risks, in order to scale the business and meet demand without losing sight of how to be able to more with less.

I'm pleased that Thoughtworks could grasp our business details so quickly and help us build a plan where we could see what we are going to need and what we have to pay attention to, if we want to continue to grow at this rate or faster.
— Diego Lima, Kaplen CTO 

Kaplen left the workshop with a series of business goals and corresponding users stories that they can tackle right away - as well as a set of technology and process improvement recommendations that will allow them to scale to support this growth. Ready and on their way to reaching 50 million transactions!