In the cloud: how continuous delivery is helping this online advertiser stay on top in Asia

The iProperty Group is a leading online advertising business serving the real estate industry in Asia, with 18 websites under the group umbrella.

Established in 2003, the iProperty group operates property portals and delivers innovative advertising solutions to its customers in Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore.

With a vision to be the market leader within the countries they operate, iProperty seeks to provide a comprehensive destination to find properties for sale and rent, as well as help their customers increase their businesses.

Experiencing rapid growth, iProperty needed to be sure their IT systems could support the increasing market demand. They wanted to move from fragile manual deployments, to robust automated deployments - allowing developers to push their code live with ease and confidence.

A combination of technologies were in place at iProperty - .Net and PHP running on Windows and Linux servers respectively. Their hosting was split between co-located facilities - one in Kuala Lumpur, the other in Jakarta.

This project would see iProperty move across to an Amazon Web Server environment - providing a site that was extremely stable, easily handling the extra load.

With a clear focus and infrastructure team already in place they were seeking thought leadership in continuous delivery from outside their organisation. They called ThoughtWorks.

Over a period of four weeks, iProperty worked with two ThoughtWorks consultants on planning, prioritising and estimating the work. Coaching on deployment automation and continuous delivery also took place - ensuring the iProperty team were upskilled and ready to take on the challenge of implementing the strategy.

"ThoughtWorks provided expertise, advice and insight which helped us kick-start our journey towards continuous delivery. The added benefit of the ThoughtWorks teams’ experience was hugely valuable in getting our product out to market more quickly."

Andy Kelk, Chief Information Officer, iProperty Group Limited

The iProperty group are now even closer to having their 18 sites hosted in the cloud - helping more customers, more frequently.