Pioneers of cycling - Bums On The Saddle (BOTS) is a Bangalore-based company retailing bicycles and cycling-related equipment and accessories. They have established themselves as a sustainable business, and are actively involved in the cycling scene across the country. For the past three years they have been operating a physical-only retail space.

While cycling in India hasn’t yet reached a tipping point, the number of cyclists has been steadily increasing. Over the years, BOTS has been receiving requests by telephone to service people who are not local to Bangalore. 

In order to extend their reach and continue to build and grow the cycling community, BOTS wanted to provide their non-local customers an online store that would meet their cycling needs in the same way the physical store does for local customers. 

To achieve this goal, they reached out to ThoughtWorks to help them build a website that would suit their customers, be easy to maintain - and look great. 

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Working within a limited budget, ThoughtWorks adopted a frugal approach; using an open source, off-the-shelf solution - and customising it. In less than six weeks, ThoughtWorks was able to deliver a fully fledged e-commerce solution.

The platform has the following features:

  • Catalog management
  • Automated order fulfilment
  • Inventory tracking and shipment status
  • Multiple payment options for purchase

Customers from afar can now shop at BOTS online - they can also view upcoming events and promotions. As a part of the project ThoughtWorks and BOTS set up a registry for cyclists across the country to register stolen bikes - in an effort to tackle this increasing problem for the first time in India.

This solution has helped BOTS spread their brand throughout India, and provided access to a larger segment of the Indian cycling community. Getting Bums on the Saddle, faster.

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