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Intersectionality - Un-siloing Diversity at the Workplace

They say a person is a sum of many parts. Their background, life experiences, social identities and more make them who they are. Inevitably though, a person gets defined by one of their identities — be it gender, age, class, race or ability. However, these don’t necessarily operate in silos.

Intersectionality recognizes the interrelated nature of these social identities. It is the complex and cumulative way that the effects of these different forms of discrimination combine, overlap, and intersect.

While some might say it is difficult for a woman to navigate the tech world, think about a woman of color and the hardships that she might face. Or a genderqueer person with a physical disability. Intersectionality is about seeing the individual as a whole, as a confluence of all their social identities, rather than looking at them from a siloed diversity point of view.

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Amy Lynch

Amy Lynch

Head of Diversity and Inclusion, ThoughtWorks UK

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Tarsha McCormick

Tarsha McCormick

Head of Diversity and Inclusion, ThoughtWorks NA

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