Continuous Delivery

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Go is now Open Source

Months to weeks to days

Agile teams deliver working software early and often. Go automates and streamlines the build-test-release cycle for worry- free, continuous delivery of your product.

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We are incredibly proud to announce that Go is open source and the source code for Go is now available.

Break Silos

Get every team on one tool.

Agile methods only work when every department is involved. Go offers development, business and operations people a common platform for merging their work.

Fail Fast, Learn Fast

No surprises.

Agile teams don’t wait until launch to discover trouble. Teach Go how your team works and let it optimize your tests to smoke out issues as you build.

Self Service Deployments

Stop waiting around on each other.

Agile projects are built around motivated individuals. Let each team member focus on integrating his or her work. Leave it to Go to untangle dependencies and eliminate the need for manual handoffs.

Workflow Tuning

Cut the waste.

Constant improvement is a core Agile value. Even the smoothest workflow will benefit from Go’s smart and novel approaches to slashing inefficiencies and redundancy.


Continuous Delivery

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