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Managing agents

Go is designed to make managing a build cloud extremely simple. This page takes you through the lifecycle of expanding your cloud and maintaining your agents.

Adding a Go agent to your cloud

The first thing you need to do is install Go agent on the machine you want to add to the cloud.

Once the Go agent has been installed and pointed at your Go server, go to the Agents tab on the Go dashboard. You should see something like this:

Note that the hostname is as reported by the agent, and the IP address is as reported by the server.

To add the agent to the cloud, click "Enable". Note that even after you have clicked "Enable", the agent will not be enabled until it next contacts the server -- so if your agent has stopped talking to the server, nothing will happen.

Once your agent has successfully been enabled, it should no longer appear greyed out and will and be marked "idle". At this point your agent will automatically begin picking up jobs. Agents will automatically check out any code they need in order to start running jobs.

Matching jobs to agents

Agent states

Removing agents

Pausing agents

Details of a single agent