23 Jul 2014

A parede de cartões

Paulo Caroli

21 Jul 2014

Using Feature Teams to Deliver High Business Value

Sameer Karl Deans

7 Jul 2014

Why Should Leaders Listen to Their Team? (And Why Is It so Hard?)

Gabriel Notari

27 Jun 2014

All about the Point

Anand Vishwanath

20 Jun 2014

Workshop Wisdom

David Simon

12 Jun 2014

Why Do We Optimize Locally?

Sameer Karl Deans

3 Jun 2014

Agile - Theory vs. Practice

Abraham Kiggundu

31 May 2014

Inception Relâmpago

Nelice Heck

28 May 2014

From Reporter to ThoughtWorker

Edith Namuganga

23 May 2014

The Bucket Theory

Malcolm Beaton

8 May 2014

3am Nights: Sustainable Pace and Then Some

Patti Mandarino

6 May 2014

Stop Saying Estimate

JK Werner

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