13 Oct 2014

What Makes a Team?

Tiago Rosa

9 Oct 2014

Trabajando en Squads

Fausto de la Torre

9 Oct 2014

Pairing for Business Analysts - Our Story

Jagbir Singh Lehl

12 Sep 2014

Four Attributes of an Agile Business

Rouan Wilsenach

9 Sep 2014

Epics: What Are They Good For?

Lourenço P. Soares

5 Sep 2014

How Not to Fail with Distributed Agile Teams

Iván Pazmiño

27 Aug 2014

How to Measure Value

Gary O'Brien

13 Aug 2014

The First Story in Every Project

Lourenço P. Soares

12 Aug 2014

Agile Tester 3.0

Daniel Amorim

30 Jul 2014

4 Takeaways from a Distributed Agile Project

Nishant Verma

23 Jul 2014

A parede de cartões

Paulo Caroli

21 Jul 2014

Using Feature Teams to Deliver High Business Value

Sameer Karl Deans

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