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Putting Google BigQuery to the test

ThoughtWorks wanted to road test Google BigQuery so we worked with a UK big data client, Auto Trader, the top UK site for buying and selling cars online. We gave three people five days and the top-of-mind questions for Auto Trader's dealers. With five years’ historical data, over 750 million rows of data, they set to work.

We asked: Can Google’s new BigQuery service give customers Big Data analytic power without the need for expensive software or new infrastructure?

The tests showed consistent query performance in the 7-10 second range. We used the REST APIs with Java, JavaScript and Google Charts to create a web front-end with interactive visuals of query results.

The verdict: BigQuery performed well, and could benefit organizations with Big Data and smaller budgets — especially those without a data warehouse, or whose data warehouse has restricted use.

Download the complete case study for the details of how we tested, and more findings.

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